Foreseeing the future, All New Generation 3D Hologram LED Fan

Single unit solution, display size up to 100cm 3D effects

Hologram wall solution,let 3D display be borderless

Enhance your brand value with creativity

  • Surpass the traditional advertising modes

    LED rotating display technology,3D visuel presentation

    Customized Hologram display solution,customized your audiovisual effects

    Super slim body design, suitable for multiple scences application

  • ...
    Wiikk product user center

    WiFi mobile app connection, easy to operate

    Video one key cutting software,Hologram wall screen more convenient

    Mobile remote switch device,timer ON/OFF setting support

  • About Us

    Shenzhen Wiikk Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2012,located in Shenzhen, Guangdong.
    It is a professional manufacturer of LED rotating display product and solutions provider,integrating R&D, production and sales together.
    In order to change and surpass the traditional advertising type,Wiikk took 4 years to overcome the difficulties,successfully launched a creative product with independent intellectual property rights -naked eye 3D display device, named Wiikk Hologram advertising display Fan,became the first Holographic advertising machine RD and manufacturer in China.



    WIIKK holo wall: the highest-definition 3D holographic visuals

    A new and unique display is becomingMore and more popular., that is the 3D holo fan.

    What is hologram fan?

    WIIKK 3D Hologram Fan brings you a revolutionary visual solution for all your advertising needs.


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