Why choose wiikk hologram advertising machine

A holographic advertising machine that delivers an extraordinary holographic visual experience for the digital signage, retail, events, education, public safety and many other applications.

Why choose wiikk holographic advertising machine?

wiikk hologram 3D fan

Mature technology, patent protection

Founded in 2012, Shenzhen Zhongxingbang Electronics Co., Ltd. has been committed to LED rotation, 6 years of technology precipitation, grinding out the tough quality of the Wiikk holographic advertising machine and industry-leading technical advantages.  Wiikk advertising machine Z1 is the first LED selection display device with the ability to customize the pattern, which has epoch-making significance.

Leading product performance

Wiikk has strong research and development capabilities, combining production and research, product innovation, continuous technology upgrades, and new product performance in the forefront of the industry.

The 65cm version (model: Z5) uses high-quality LED lamp beads, advanced decoding technology to ensure a wider color gamut of the image, and more to restore the object.  Compared with other products on the market, the wiikk Z3 advertising machine has higher resolution, high color reproduction, stable solution and long life.


Thanks to proven scientific solutions and resources in the field of holographic displays, Wiikk offers users a more cost-effective product that helps customers achieve better-performing advertising at lower cost.

After-sales guarantee

Wiikk provides customers with a powerful software and content platform in addition to reliable hardware devices. Currently, users can access Wiikk's free material library via the Internet.