3D holography will be more suitable for advertising

Although hologram technology is no longer a new thing, because it is dynamic and cool, it is especially suitable tor advertising and merchandising display, but unfortunately because the cost of the device is too high, coupled with the difficulty of creating content, it has been no longer possible for the mass market. Popular use. However, the wiikk holographic advertising machine developed by Shenzhen Zhongxingbang Technology Co., Ltd. solved this problem well.

WIIKK 3D FAN cost is lower, also easy to install and operate. The biggest feature is that the design is quite simple. It doesn’t take up a lot of space like traditional holographic projection devices. It only needs to he plugged in and can be used, almost plug and play. Installation is also very convenient.

The wiikk holographic advertising machine looks like a propeller and looks like a fan. The fan blade is the most important part of the advertising machine. When the blade rotates, by controlling the LPT)’s illumination, a 3D imago can be projected, just like floating in the air. In (he air, the effect is amazing.

In addition to compact body and lower cost, another advantage of the Wiikk holographic advertising machine is that the content creation is fast and convenient. The Wi ikk technical team provides video material product ion services for customers, and the produced content can be downloaded to the internal storage of the advertising machine. A lurge number of holographic advertising machines can also be connected through the network, for example, a certain brand has an advertising machine installed in all its branches, but wants to project the same product at the same time, then only need to upload the holographic content of the product in the cloud. In this way, the data link can be connected to all the advertising machines, and the contents of all the advertising machines in the account can be remotely controlled.

At present, the application of this technology is quite mature, and wiikk products are exported to overseas, bringing more wealth to customers and partners.