124th Canton Fair: Wiikk holographic advertising machine is popular

124th Canton Fair: Wiikk holographic advertising machine is popular


The Canton Fair, which is held twice a year, is called the “barometer” and “wind vane” of foreign trade.  On October 15th, the 124th autumn was opened in Guangzhou. The holographic intelligent projection equipment is still a highlight of this exhibition.


Commercial holographic advertising machine is popular


In Hall 5.1, despite the large number of exhibiting companies and the vast array of consumer electronics products on display, the holographic advertising machine is definitely the most attractive product. We saw that at the wiikk booth, nine 65cm advertising machines consisted of huge "holograms". "The screen, playing a cool animation of the rotation changes, attracted a large number of foreign buyers to come to understand.


CCTV's report on the Wiikk holographic advertising machine


The person in charge of Wiikk said that the holographic advertising machine is the fist product of Zhongxingbang Electronics. It has been popular among users at home and abroad for more than two years.  The holographic advertising machine is an innovative application of LED rotating display technology in commercial display, which solves the pain point of traditional LED display display plane, high cost, high energy consumption and high installation environment requirements.


The holographic advertising machine is also called "holographic fan", which replaces the fixed display screen with the fan leaf embedded with the LED lamp bead. After the rotation, it forms a complete image and video, giving the visual effect suspended in the air, novel and unique, attracting the crowd. Eyes, suitable for advertising display, event building, brand promotion and other scenarios.


Core technology to create quality products


In recent years, China’s “intelligence” has been frequently mentioned, and only by mastering advanced technology can it be invincible in a harsh market environment.  Wiikk focused on product development and innovation. In less than two years, it has launched four holographic advertising products, and applied for and approved a number of national patents.


Among the products displayed on the site of the Canton Fair, the model Z3 is particularly eye-catching. The effective display area of a single Z3 is a circle with a diameter of about 65 cm, and the resolution reaches 720P. The color and brightness are significantly improved compared with the earlier products.  If you think that the display area of a machine is a little small, you can use a multi-machine splicing solution. The shocking visual experience brought by a huge holographic display device is self-evident.



Wiikk holographic advertising machine stitching effect


“We have adopted the most reliable solution under the current technical conditions, and can ensure long-term, stable and safe operation under the premise of ensuring the effectiveness of the advertising machine,” explained the person in charge of Wiikk technology.


Lead the trend of three-dimensional holographic display


With the rapid development of science and technology and the significant improvement of people's living standards, the current pursuit of visual perception is getting higher and higher, and the development of domestic LED display has emerged with new features.


LED rotation display technology is rapidly gaining market recognition under such a trend, and smoothly cut into the high-end commercial display and stage display market.  Different from the traditional LED display, the LED rotating display can achieve the visual effect without background and borderless. To a certain extent, it has the same effect as the "holographic" effect, and the display effect is excellent, thus becoming With the darling of the advertising market, it is not difficult to imagine how big the future application market will be.